Natural Gas and Refining Processes


VR Operation Engineering Group will provide support and intelligent solutions pertaining to gas processing plants. Below are some of the sour gas processes where we have achieved excellence in optimizing the facility. Our experts have years of experience in operating such facilities and have provided support in solving problems related to changes in plant operating conditions.

We have worked extensively on gas sweetening, gas dehydration, cryogenic distillation processes and dewpoint depression systems. Our operation engineers have outstanding experience in separation processes such as three phase separators, distillation, and condensate fractionation.

Gas Treating

• Gas sweetening (MDEA, MEA, DEA, modified amine mixtures)

• Gas dehydration (TEG, molecular sieve, silica gel)

• Hydrocarbon dew pointing

• C2-C3 recovery

• LNG processes

Sulphur Recovery

• Claus and modified Claus process

• Refinery Tail Gas Treatment

• Acid gas injection and processing

• COS, CS2 and mercaptans removal

Oil and Condensate Processes

• Crude oil separation and emulsification (2-phase and 3-phase)

• Crude oil fractionation

• Condensate fractionation (sour and sweet)